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Let’s SEL-ebrate one another for our excellent work in demonstrating the Guiding Principles of SEL Dallas.

Personal Stories

These stories are compiled from the SEL Success Stories shared via the purple button above. Share your story and help SEL-ebrate the successes of your peers!

Building SEL Practices Virtually

Now that students are in distance learning mode, staff at our various PSELI sites are continuing to connect with students and families. Campuses are continuing SEL practices during this shutdown and truly showing their resilience.

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Paint Your Values

SEL Specialist Aimee Flato and Park and Recreation After School staff put together a family engagement night with the theme “Paint Your Values!” Parents and students discussed the value of family and used a blank canvas’s to create a representation of their family values.

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SEL Guiding Principles Superstars

We love to SEL-ebrate one another for our excellent work in demonstrating the Guiding Principles of SEL Dallas: Relationships, Environment, Resilience and Engagement.

April Superstar – Resilience

Despite the unfortunate passing of her father she is still able to be there for her students and colleagues. When asked about how she is able to continue teaching and maintaining laughter, she remarked that if her dad was anything, he was resilient – and he had an amazing sense of humor.

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April Superstar – Engagement

Second Grade teacher, Jose Leon, at Kiest Elementary is the Guiding Principles Superstar for Engagement. Mr. Leon and other second grade staff designed interactive activities for students to showcase their learning in creative ways.

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April Superstar – Relationships

Pamela Lee is always radiant and positive, never wanting to be in the spotlight, but always busy supporting the team. The shift to full-time online learning in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic has brought change and challenges to staff and students but Pam shows us that SEL is still standing.

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