April Superstar – Relationships

Social Emotional Learning should be priority during the COVID-19 pandemic. SEL Specialist, Pamela Lee, at Silberstein Elementary is the Guiding Principle Superstar for Relationships. Pamela Lee is always radiant and positive, never wanting to be in the spotlight, but always busy supporting the team.  The shift to full-time online learning in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic has brought change and challenges to staff and students but Pam shows us that SEL is still standing. 

Each month she assists with ordering supplies and reconciling the team’s expenses. Not only is she  generous with her time but she strives to meet the needs of her coworkers even through personal struggles. SEL Specialist, LaTrisha McDuffie expressed her appreciation for Pam during a challenging time in her life. “Each time when my home was impacted by storms, Pam gifted me with a night in an Airbnb.” She continues to show us how to truly build positive relationships.

Now that the team is working from home, she recently spent her time delivering Ding-Dongs, Twinkies and care packages to her Park and Recreation teammates to uplift them and let them know they are still appreciated.