At-Home Learning Activities at Webster Elementary

The staff at Daniel Webster Elementary have continued to support students in at home learning and student engagement. Now that students are learning virtually in their home environment, the staff at Webster came up with the idea to do a “At-Home Learning Comedy Show.” Students were asked to describe their at-home learning experiences in three jokes.

Asia B. one of the students who participated, even set up her very own comedy corner. Fourth grade teacher and campus activities coordinator, Rondria Jennings joined in sharing three jokes about teaching from home.

Student’s also participated in in was a “Free Rice Challenge!” Freerice is an ad-supported, free-to-play website and mobile application that allows players to donate rice to families in need by playing a multiple-choice quiz game. For every question the user answers correctly, 10 grains of rice are donated via the World Food Programme.

Using, students had the opportunity to compete in  challenge in which they were able to donate over 3,000 grains of rice.  The student’s winning destination for English vocabulary was 2,420.

Everyone has had to adopt new roles in adjusting to our new normal, mothers have become teachers, counselors, friends and much more. In celebration of Mother’s Day, students opted to pen special tributes to be delivered to their moms in the form of a singing gram.

On Mother’s Day, “Coach J” personally called the mothers, read student tributes, and serenaded each with a special song. The mothers were ecstatic and overwhelmed with appreciation.

“Thank you so much for that Mother’s Day call it made me tear up. I loved it so much I posted it to Facebook!!! You have a wonderful voice by the way. Thanks again!” – Kia Smith, Fourth Grade Mother