Evaluation & Improvement

SEL Dallas Theory of Change

The SEL Dallas Theory of Change is adapted from CASEL and reflects the systemic approach we are taking to implementing comprehensive social and emotional learning in Dallas over time.


  • PLAN Cultivate Commitment & Support for SEL
  • Assess SEL Resources & Needs
  • Establish Classroom, Schoolwide & Community SEL Culture
  • Establish Systems for Measurement & Continuous Improvement


SEL-CASEL-wheelFamily and Community PartnershipsSchool Climate, Policies and PracticesSchoolroom Curriculum and InstructionSOCIAL & EMOTIONAL LEARNING


Short-Term Outcomes
Behavioral Outcomes
Long-term Outcomes

Continual Improvement


The data collection and continual improvement activities that Dallas ISD sites implementing SEL are engaged in include:

  • Learning walks
  • Peer observation and feedback
  • External observation and evaluation from RAND Corporation


The data collection and continual improvement activities that the the seven SEL Dallas Phase 1 sites are engaged in include:

Dallas Afterschool’s Program Quality Initiative (PQI): Research shows that high-quality after-school programs most successfully contribute to SEL and other positive youth outcomes. SEL Dallas after-school sites are assessed and provided ongoing coaching by Dallas Afterschool to assist with their continual program improvement efforts.

Big Thought’s Six Dimensions of Quality Teaching & Learning (6DQ): The point of instruction between adults and students is a critical component of delivering a high quality after-school program and obtaining positive youth outcomes. SEL Dallas after-school site front-line personnel are observed and coached using 6DQ to assist with their individual instructional improvement.

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