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These general resources provide a framework for the work within SEL Dallas. We are happy to share these with the greater education community.

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In collaboration with 40+ partners, CASEL‘s newest resource is designed to support education leaders in the complex transition back to school this fall. The guide — titled: Reunite, Renew, and Thrive: Social and Emotional Learning Roadmap for Reopening School) — highlights four “SEL Critical Practices,” each with 3-5 supporting activities. Within each activity, readers are asked to consider essential Questions, actions to prepare implement SEL in reopening, and tools to support theses actions.

Dallas ISD has redefined SEL Competencies to highlight equity focus

Useful resources for teaching SEL skills at home amid COVID-19.

During this challenging time of navigating COVID-19 precautionary measures, there is significant uncertainty and disruption to our daily routines.  Dallas ISD provides at-home learning resources for parents and students to continue social emotional learning skills. 


Focus your mind and senses on what’s going on outside. Standford Health says, “Playing in the sun builds vitamin D in the body, which means stronger bones and less likelihood of chronic diseases.” ⁠⠀
Now that students are indoors during the day due to virtual learning, let’s get outside and explore a little! Whether you’re in the car or in you’re backyard join us for an SEL Outdoor Scavenger Hunt! ⁠⠀

Use this time indoors to explore and do selfcare with a fun “Indoor Scavenger Hunt”. You can play this with colleagues, family or friends.

Now that parents and caregivers are overseeing learning at home, we need to ensure that students continue to build and practice social and emotional skills in meaningful ways, especially when distractions and anxieties from current events and in their personal communities are at an all-time high.

Social emotional learning (SEL) strengthens us as individuals and as communities, especially during uncertain times. When we practice and build our skills in self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship building and decision making, we are better equipped to navigate stressors, anxieties, and challenges.

So how can we practice SEL at home? Here are ten tips that families can follow.

A resource document that provides Guidance for Talking with Children and Young Adults About COVID-19, provides a variety of tips and strategies designed to help adults talk with children about the virus, including the importance of providing information and facts in an age-appropriate
manner. It also offers suggestions for helping children and young people develop the social and emotional skills needed for navigating through the crisis and for meeting life’s challenges in the future.

These sentence stems are perfect to use as welcoming activities for meeting and training purposes.

Brain breaks are are simple 1-2 minute mind and body challenges. They are excellent for regaining focus in a meeting or classroom. This blog has multiple energizing ways to try brain breaks.

Reflection makes us self aware and challenges us to think deeply about how we learn. Check out this engaging opening and closing activity.

The Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Dallas ISD team offers multiple training sessions for professional development credit during the Fall 2019 semester.

Dallas Afterschool has been hard at work offering training courses on various topics. Trainings like these keep educators up to speed on the latest trends in after school. 

A Trauma Informed Gallery of Social and Emotional Learning resources, restorative practice tools and strategies creating a consistently safe and welcoming environment. These items were originally presented at TXPOST 2019 Conference.

Mood Meters

Listen With Your Ears

BIG Hello

Peace Wall

Peace Corner

Intentional Packet

BIG on Self Care

How Would You Like to Be Greeted

Peace Wall

Here are some quick self care practices you can try at home or on the go along with activities and a self care plan. 

Guided by the Core 4 Principles of Social and Emotional Learning, successful implementation of comprehensive SEL includes four key areas of support, or “legs of the stool”.

The SEL Dallas General rack card is provided in both English and Spanish, and gives an overall explanation of SEL Dallas that is great for parents and families, presentations to fellow educators and more.

Rackcards used to welcome Dallas ISD teachers.

This activity explicitly teaches and celebrates kindness but is also a simple yet powerful way to build a positive classroom culture.

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