Welcome to Webster Wonderland

WHAT THE WEBSTER WONDERLAND THEME IS ALL ABOUT? The Daniel Webster administrative team and the SEL Steering Committee wanted to ensure that students and staff come back to a promising and safe school year! They also wanted students and staff to walk in the school and feel like they were about to embark on an educational adventure. Staff worked hard to transform the campus into a place of Wonder with wall murals, quotes from the Alice in Wonderland book, creative decorations by teachers and re-imagined Alice in Wonderland characters that celebrates diversity. Big Thought staff also had the opportunity to interview the teachers and principal right before school began. They express how SEL skills have transformed their campus in last two years during the In School and Out of School Time (OST) environments and more.

TEACHERS AND ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF ARE PREPARED AND MADE SAFETY PLANS FOR COVID-19. The Daniel Webster team prepared for a safe return of staff and students. You will find inspiration, growth mindset encouragement and social distance ques along the hallways and classrooms. The teachers also created Webster safety videos demonstrating, Seven Ways to Win Against COVID-19, How to Ride the Bus, The Webster Daily Five and how to social distance using the Webster WOW!

HOW THE NEW SEL MODEL CLASSROOM WILL BE USED. Webster Wonderland doesn’t stop at the classroom threshold. Students will be able to walk into a culturally responsive classroom transformation. The new model classroom themes include the Daniel Webster Hospital, Wildcat Science Laboratory, and the Wildcat Newsroom. It will integrate social and emotional learning lessons into STEAM, Literature and Social Studies as well as utilize SEL tools like personal Peace Corners, Mood Meters and Respect Agreements. Webster teachers and the OST staff will also have an opportunity to receive hands-on training in the new SEL Model Classroom from the SEL Specialist.

           science laboratory  newsroom