February Superstar – Resilience

“Resilience is not just for surviving the worst day of your life it’s for thriving everyday of your life.” – Rick Hanson

Pre-K Bilingual Teacher, Marcela Alanis at Bayles Elementary is the SEL Guiding Principles Resilience Superstar. Ms. Alanis is the Superstar for Resilience because of her growth mindset. She had a recent injury to her foot and will need major surgery, but that has not stopped her yet. This injury has limited her mobility, but not her spirit! Despite this setback, she shows up for the children everyday. She has also found that the children are even more helpful with daily classroom tasks and show great patience with her limited speed. What a great example of resilience and how the power of positive thinking can help overcome challenging situations!

 “With this injury, there are some challenges, but I’ll get through this!” – Alanis