Sharing SEL Insights Through PSELI Leadership Discussion Panels

To help ensure successful SEL implementation, PSELI Phase I Principals and OST Leaders are sharing their insights with Phase II Principals and OST Leaders through a series of three discussion panel sessions. In each session, Phase I PSELI principals will share their own experiences and perspectives with SEL implementation while also leaving time for all participants to discuss with peers, ask questions, and learn more deeply about each topic. 

The first panel, held Feb. 24, centered on building a foundation for SEL and how to win buy-in from those involved with the process. Facilitated by CASEL’s Sherrie Raven and Duncan Meyers, the discussion touched on the best ways to get started with implementation, how to build a strong foundation for SEL, and strategies for deepening buy-in. 

Watch the full session:

The two remaining sessions, “Campus Climate and Culture Building” and “Systemizing and Sustaining SEL at Your Campus,” will be held on April 21 and June 22, respectively.  

Along with helping to facilitate cross-campus knowledge-sharing, these three discussions can foster continuous improvement efforts and help to develop long-term sustainability in SEL practices.