Celebrating Family Engagement at Bayles Elementary

Earlier this month, Parks and Rec led their first In-Person Family Event in over a year. They intentionally designed with families in mind — creating moments for them to share within their own family, as well as other families enrolled in afterschool. Each family played BINGO cards while they walked the stations set up around the school.

BINGO gave them challenges to practice SEL skills with their family and engage with new families. Together, Bayles families and staff played games, laughed, and enjoyed being together once again. In the waiting times, families shared their responses to questions connecting to the five CASEL Competencies. The event ended with everyone coming together to play the game SPUD. The afterschool students first modeled how to play, then their parents competed in a Family Round — no kids! They supported each other in their swapped roles and had a blast. After a fun, busy night, the water balloon leftovers were put to good use to cool off before going home.

Thank you to Bayles Staff, including:

Maritza Garcia – site lead
Kiera Adams – rec asst
Alyssa Cipriano – rec asst
Keondra Smith – rec asst
Cassandra Gonzalez – rec asst
With additional support from Teachers and other Parks & Rec staff