Weiss Family Engagement Night!

In the month of November, Weiss Elementary school staff created an unique opportunity for students in the After School Program to build relationships with their parents on a deeper level, while also having fun. Parents and children connected with each other during a fun family game night. Fifteen parents had the chance to learn more about the skills their students are participating in while in the After School environment through food, games and fun.

One parent stated that she noticed that the After School staff always plans exciting and engaging activities that her child talks about at home. During the event, the staff communicated the focus areas of engagement and social and emotional learning that students experience such as cultural enrichment, life skills, academic support and STEM activities.

Children and their parents played games such as Connect Four, Tic-Tac-Toe, Monopoly and Jenga. Parents reminisced about playing these games during their childhood and were able to share stories with their children. The staff could see families laughing together and engaging in friendly competition while having fun.

Some parents even suggested incorporating more of these games at home.