Paint Your Values

Family values are very important and teaching students the value at a young age can enhance our learners beliefs, attitudes and roles in society. Family values pertain to the family unit, family members, and the society we live in and help us determine what is right and what is wrong. In other words, having strong family values can help your children live up to the their ideals.

SEL Specialist Aimee Flato and Dallas Park and Recreation After School staff hosted a meaningful family engagement night,  Parents and students were able to discuss the value of family and used blank canvas’s to create a representation of their family values. See the “Paint Your Values” paint night in action!


The students listened to music and were served light drinks and snacks while brainstorming over what items they could use the represent their family values.  The staff also brought in Laura Strother, visual artist, who’s been with Big Thought for more than 20 years. She taught the students the value of family and how to represent their family through colors, signs, shapes and symbols.

At the end of the night families created family mission statements. A family mission statement is like a constitution your family lives by that helps you make decisions for your life. It represents the purpose and values of your family, and will allow you to shape your future according to the principles you as a family hold most dear, rather than letting other people or circumstances determine it. 


Students were asked to discuss these following questions with their families:

1. What does our family want to be known for?
2. How do we treat each other?
3. What unique contributions do we make?
4. What big goals do we want to achieve?
5. What unique talents and skills do we have?

The night was a success and students let were able to let their canvas’s dry on the art rack and pick them up the next day at school!