March Superstar – Relationships

Coaches impact the lives of students and players everyday by teaching life skills to develop positive relationships. No relationship, whether on the playing field or off, can blossom without great communication skills.

Coach, Billy Smith, at Leila P. Cowart Elementary is the Guiding Principle Superstar for Relationships. Coach Smith has been phenomenal at building relationships with students at Cowart Elementary. He has been the Physical Education teacher at Cowart for many years, and really enjoys teaching fitness and when alumni students come to visit him after they graduate.  He takes an interest not only in getting to know the children as students, but also takes the time to mentor them in all aspects of their lives. You will see Coach Smith in joyful interaction with the children any time he sees them on campus.

“Getting to know the students is the most important thing I can do to help them be successful in school and in life. I try to be someone they can count on to talk to about anything that is going on.” -Coach Smith