January Superstar – Relationships

Relationships are key to success – and Lead Custodian, Freddy Reyna, models positive relationship skills for staff and students at Lorenzo DeZavala Elementary. Mr. Reyna shows us how all staff can make an impact on a student success. He also builds great connections with other teachers and other employees.

As a Custodian at DeZavala, Mr. Reyna sees just about everyone in the school and knows most of them by name. If he doesn’t, he learns quickly. He is always willing to step in when he sees a student dealing with a challenge.

He’s has even prayed for a staff member during a challenging time. He absolutely embodies friendliness and brings a sense of community to the campus. Mr. Reyna also finds ways to teach children life skills through his work. Caring, supportive and respectful relationships are essential, and Mr. Reyna is a role model for all and is this month’s SEL Guiding Principles Relationships Superstar.