February Superstar – Environment

You will want to linger a little longer in the learning environment Ms. Gutierrez has created.  Fifth Grade Teacher, Ludvinia Gutierrez at Martin Weiss Elementary is this month’s SEL Guiding Principles Environment Superstar. Not only is the classroom orderly and clutter-free, but it is a calm environment conducive for learning.

Scholars are at the center of this learning environment and they are provided opportunities to be class leaders, help manage supplies and their own learning as well. Ms. Gutierrez has masterfully created a learning environment in which any scholar would enjoy learning.

“There is just no way I could run this classroom without my helpers. They have their responsibilities, remind me of things, and they help each other. They take on challenging tasks like editing assignments for others. It makes me happy because I know that when they go out into the world, they will be expected to work and collaborate with others to get things done.” – Gutierrez