Community Service at De Zavala Elementary

Students and teachers at De Zavala Elementary School are putting SEL into action this year by demonstrating mindfulness, inclusion and respect.  The students are creating thoughtful craft kits to donate to children in the care of Genesis Women’s Shelter, while staff are holding a separate drive for clothes and toys to donate to the Genesis Thrift Store. The proceeds go directly back to their outreach which allows shelter residents to shop for free.

Creating meaningful craft kits gave youth the opportunity to give back to their own communities. Julie from ActivityBox states, why art and crafts are so important for child development, especially ages three to eight.  The students stated how excited they were to have the chance to make a difference in lives of children their own age.

De Zavala hopes to bring this amazing partnership with the Genesis Women’s Shelter into the new school year. Their visual arts teachers are enthusiastically brainstorming ideas for new and better craft kits. Though the camp only last three weeks, De Zavala wants to plant the seed of community service early for the coming year.