Successful Student Relationships

friendship bracelets

School is back in session and the after school program at De Zavala Elementary is already making an impact on student perspectives. In the first couple weeks the after school staff noticed conflict between two students in the fourth and fifth grade class. At the core of the conflict was a returning De Zavala student and a commuter student from a different campus.

Teachers are using the Sanford Harmony Pacing Guide themes to teach Social and Emotional learning in the In School and Out of School Time (OST). After the first week of the Sanford Harmony Pacing Guide (Respectful Relationships) theme, the two students were able to positively work through their conflict by a guiding conversation from Lead Site Guide, Michael Shuffield, who discussed how to be take the themes learned in the Pacing Guide and apply them to real life experiences.

As a result the students ended the ordeal by making friendship bracelets. Friendship bracelets remind students of the promises they’ve made to a friend. By giving these bracelets to each other, it showed them their commitment to each other and creates long lasting friendships. 

SEL Specialist Amanda Jackson states, “It was very heartening for me to see the students referencing the themes covered in the Pacing Guide so directly to work out a real-world problem.”