Nov Superstar – Relationships

Stephanie McIntire, a first grade teacher at Martin Weiss Elementary, is this month’s SEL Guiding Principles Superstar for Relationships. She’s continuously building strong and healthy relationships with students and staff at Martin Weiss. Mrs. McIntire creates a warm and inviting environment in the classroom from developing strong personal connections to challenging students in her classroom to learn new things. She genuinely cares about the well-being of her students and is willing to support her colleagues.

Mrs. McIntire also welcomed Savannah Valdez. Savannah is the Lead Recreational Assistant for the afterschool program at Weiss. She is also an aspiring teacher at the University of Texas at Arlington, and as soon as Mrs. McIntire learned that Savannah was pursuing education she immediately welcomed Savannah in her classroom. Thank you for always prioritizing what’s best for the children in your classroom and being a help in hand when needed!