May Superstar – Environment

“If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.” – Booker T. Washington.

Hiva Koons, Fifth Grade Teacher at Kiest Elementary, is the Guiding Principle Superstar for Environment. Mrs. Koons was able to develop respectful and warm relationships with her students and parents while school was in regular session. This led to a classroom that resembled trust in a safe environment. Mrs. Koons is a teacher who incorporates humor into her daily lessons and that sets a comfortable atmosphere for her fifth graders. Students know that she listens and cares about them and that has un-measurable value on their relationship! For her establishing an environment that is positive and welcomes student ideas are important. Mrs. Koons encourages students to think outside the box with self -empowerment and creativity.

“Stepping into my classroom, I want the students to feel that they are validated for who they are and build on their potential. Establishing an environment that is positive and welcoming their ideas to think outside the box and encourage them with self -empowerment and creativity. I want to help students develop their talents to be armed to meet the future with confidence.” – Hiva Koons