March Superstar – Environment

Designing a library environment that promotes learning and makes students feel welcomed is essential to students learning. Sheila Ortega, the Librarian at  Bayles Elementary, is the Guiding Principle Superstar for Environment.

As the librarian at Bayles, she teaches learning and literacy to all the students in the school and has created a welcoming environment in the library for all students. She continuously decorates the room with colorful displays and has also organized and shelved books in an orderly fashion so that students can look through featured books that correlate to current events.

She is very helpful and friendly to students whether she’s helping them find a book, teaching a lesson or talking with them about a personal challenge. Children and adults love to visit the library at Bayles because of the positive environment that she has created and maintains on a daily basis.

“Before our students can be ready to learn, they need to know that we care and we are happy to see them.” – Sheila Ortega