January Superstar – Resilience

Third Grade Teacher, Ms. Robertson at Bayles Elementary, is this month’s SEL Guiding Principles Superstar for Resilience. She teaches Math and Science and has demonstrated the capacity to recover quickly from difficult situations and remain positive while doing so. It would be an understatement to say teaching is challenging. To do this work and stick with it long enough to be great at it, you need a level of emotional resilience most other jobs will never require. Robertson’s is a new teacher at Bayles and her third grade class has been very challenging. She has worked with SEL Specialist Aimee Flato and SEL Coordinator Keli London to incorporate SEL practices during the In School time to assist with student behavior. She has also set up a welcoming calming area and is willing to try new ways to teach and engage her students. She is successfully building relationships with all her students and is willing to go the extra mile to help them meet their goals. When you meet Ms. Robertson, you will be struck by her positive presence and radiant smile!