Building Sweet Staff Relationships at Kiest

Hungry for new ways to build positive relationships among staff at your campus? Try feeding your spirit and souls – literally. The SEL steering committee at Edwin J. Kiest Elementary wanted to create an opportunity for staff, to deepen their personal relationships with staff members outside their grade level. Additionally, the SEL steering committee recognized that academic testing during the month of February was causing some extra stress with staff and were looking for ways to boost  and boost motivation throughout the school day.  According to Ron Rosati in a recent article from Impact TeachersThe trick to enjoying your role as a teacher may just lie in your ability to form strong bonds with your colleagues. After all, it is your co-workers who understand the demands of your job better than anyone else.” 

Valentine’s Day Potluck 

The SEL Leadership team implemented a Valentine’s Day potluck during the professional development day, including food, beautiful decorations and interactive photo booths. The staff enjoyed getting together with their colleagues in all grade levels, eating lots of delicious food, and having a nice break in the middle of their PD day.

Hallway Holla’s 

The idea of the Hallway Holla’s is to allow each grade level to host a fun get-together in their hallway where all the staff can visit, eat, and socialize. The first Hallway Holla was hosted by second-grade was led by the second-grade team. The second-grade team decorated the hallway to look like a candy shop and made delicious cupcakes that had cupcake toppers with pictures of each second-grade teacher. 


The SEL steering committee cannot wait to see what inspiration comes out of future Hallway Holla’s or how we can continue to build relationships between all staff.