Unit 1 Skills Building: Enemy Pie

Skills Building: Enemy Pie (PK-5) Written by Derek Munson and Illustrated Tara Calahan King TEKS: Reading K.5(D); 1.6(B); 2.6(B); 3.6(B); 4.6(B); 5.6(B) Pre Reading Questions What does the phrase “don’t […]

Unit 1 Skills Building: Do Unto Otters

Skills Building: Do Unto Otters (PK-2) Written and Illustrated by Laurie Keller TEKS: Reading K.5(D); 1.6(D); 2.6(D); 3.6(D); 4.6(D); 5.6(D) Pre Reading Questions What types of things do good friends […]

Unit 1 Skills Building: Always Anjali

Skills Building: Always Anjali (PK-5) Written by Sheetal Sheth and Illustrated by Jessica Blank Pre Reading Questions Has anyone ever mispronounced your name? How does it feel when someone pronounces […]