Unit 9


Core 4:



7J: Integrates opportunities for the development of personal responsibility, self-direction and leadership throughout the program

7B: Enables participants to develop life skills, resiliency, and self-esteem via activities

CASEL Competencies:

Self-Management & Self-Awareness

6DQ: Climate

Managing the classroom in a way that is consistent with focused and productive work in the discipline


We often hear people saying things like “Be Confident!” but what does that really mean? to be confident means that we trust in someone of something. To be self-confidence means that we trust ourselves and our abilities. It means that we love ourselves, even if we are different from others. Each person is born unique and special. From the color of our skin, to the texture of our hair, to each individual fingerprint, and all the amazing talents we each possess, we are all perfect and we are all enough. Our uniqueness makes the world a colorful and beautiful place. Because we are each born unique and special, the worlds needs us exactly as we are. It is important that we recognize our own beauty and share it with the world because, without it, the world would be a sad and dull place. Take some time this week to appreciate all the things that make you, you. Make a list of your unique qualities and recognize the beauty of each. Never forget that your voice and your life matters!

Reflection Questions

  • What subject in school do you feel most confident doing? Why?
  • What subject in school do you feel least confident doing? Why?
  • What do you like most about yourself?
  • What talent or ability do you have that you are grateful for?
  • What makes you unique and different from others around you? 
  • When do you feel most confident? Why?
  • How can you grow your confidence?
  • How can you show acceptance towards others that are different from you?

Arts/Crafts Reflection Questions

  • How did you feel during this activity?
  • Do you feel confident when you do art and projects? Why or why not?
  • What type of art are you best at?
  • How can you grow your confidence in art?
  • Share about a project or work of art you have done that you felt very confident about. What about it made you feel confident?

Games/Physical Activity Reflection Questions

  • How confident did you feel before we started playing the game today? Why?
  • How confident did you feel after the game? Why?
  • What keeps us from feeling confident when playing games?
  • How did you support your team today to help build confidence?
  • What can a team do if they are not feeling confident?
  • How does it feel when others are encouraging you during a game?