Skills Building: The Proudest Blue (3-5)

Written by Ibtihaj Muhammad

Pre Reading Questions

  1. Who makes you feel comfortable being yourself when you are with them? 
  2. What happens when you do not feel accepted and included by others? 
  3. Can you think of something you did today to help someone feel included? How do you think they felt when they were included and joined in? 
  4. How can making fun of someone affect that person’s feelings about feeling included? 

Post Reading Questions

  1. How did Faizah feel about her sister’s hijab she wore the first day of school? 
  2. In the story, what did Faizah’s mother say about the meaning of the hijab that Asiya wore?   
  3. When Asiya went to school with her hijab, what kind of reactions did she get from her classmates? 
  4. What did Faizah do to make sure her sister felt better about the hijab she wore? 
  5. The author of the book, Ibtihaj Muhammad, is a Muslim Olympic medalist. Why do you believe she wrote about her pride wearing a hijab?

Creative Enrichment Activity: Uniquely You Keychains (3-5)

Overview: Did you know that the author of The Proudest Blue, Ibtihaj Muhammad, is an Olympic medalist in fencing and was the first Muslim American woman to wear a hijab while competing in the Olympics for the US? How cool! Nike also sponsored Ms. Muhammad and created the first-ever Nike sports hijab just for her! See the Nike ad with Ms. Muhammad here.

In this activity, you will create keychains that represent you. You can choose different color beads to represent your family, your favorite foods, your home, the activities you love, etc. Every keychain will be different and each bead color will mean something different to each person!

Scan the code to watch the Nike Ad with Ms. Muhammad.


● Keyrings
● Index cards (cut in half, one half per student)
● Multicolor beads
● Pipe cleaners
● Color pencils
● Pencils or pens
Hole puncher
● Laminator (optional if available)
● Laminating sheets (optional)

Duration: 30 minutes (for staff: 5 pre-activity set up and 5-minute prep)

● 5 minutes: Introduce the activity, show the video, show the example and give some examples
● 15 minutes: Create the keychains and write the color key
● 5 minutes: Clean up activity.
● 5 minutes: Reflect


  1. Prior to the activity, staff should cut the index cards in half.
  2. Introduce the activity and show the video.
  3. Show the example and give some examples of how to use the beads (4 pink beads to represent my family, a red bead to represent my country, purple bead to represent my favorite places, etc.)
  4. With their keyring and pipe cleaner, each student folds the pipe cleaner in half over the keying.
  5. Students then put the beads that represent their family and themselves on the pipe cleaner using each side.
  6. Twist the two sides of the pipe cleaner at the bottom so that the beads stay on
  7. Using the index card, students write down a key to what the colors on their keychain represent.
  8. The staff can laminate the cards if possible. This step is optional.
  9. Punch a hole in the corner of the card and slip it on to the key ring.
  10. Clean up.
  11. Reflect and share their keychains.

Reflection Questions

  • Share your keychain with the person next to you. Give each person one minute to share about their keychain and then switch.
  • What are some of the things that are represented on your keychain? Why did you choose those things?
  • What similarities and differences did you notice between your keychain and your partner’s keychain?
  • What is one thing about yourself or your family that makes you feel proud?
  • How can we celebrate and share our differences?