Skills Building: Dreamers (PK-5)

Written by Yuyi Morales

Pre Reading Questions

  1. When you think about the meaning of communication, what comes to mind?
  2. How do you typically communicate with your friends and family?  
  3. What does respectful communication look like to you? 
  4. Have you ever communicated with someone that spoke a different language from you? If so, what did you do to understand them better?
  5. How do you feel when someone cannot understand the same language or accent you speak?


Post Reading Questions

  1. Why do you believe the family was afraid to speak in the new place they lived?
  2. What does the family do to understand the language better in the new place?
  3. Based on the author’s personal story, what can you learn about communicating with others in a new place?

Creative Enrichment Activity: Todo Acerca De Mi/All About Me Book (Pre-K-5)

Overview: In the story, Dreamers, the mother came to America but wasn’t able to communicate because she didn’t know the language. However, she used books to learn English and achieve her dreams! In this activity, students will write a bilingual book about themselves and their dreams to share with others. 


Todo Acerca De Mi/All About Me Booklet (1 per student). Download template.
Markers, crayons or colored Pencils
Pens or pencils
Hole puncher

Duration: 45 minutes

● 3 minutes: Explain Activity and Pass Out Booklets
● 7 minutes: Assemble Booklets
● 20 minutes: Write and Color
● 5 minutes: Clean Up
● 5 minutes: Share
● 5 minutes: Reflect


  1. Before the activity, print out the “Todo Acerca De Mi/All About Me Booklet” on white computer paper and fold in half. IMPORTANT: Print double-sided on the short edge. Cut yarn into 6” strips. 
  2. Gather students and discuss various languages they have heard from around the world. Emphasize the importance of the different languages and what they can teach us.
  3. Explain the purpose of this activity and give instructions.
  4. Next, pass out booklets to students. Each student will need 1 full booklet (4 pages).
  5. Ask students to start by writing their names on the front of their booklets.
  6. This booklet is in both English and Spanish. All students will fill out all of the blanks. If students do not speak Spanish, they will simply fill in the same answer in both blanks. (Example: Mi nombre es Mark. My name is Mark.)
  7. Students should check to ensure that their booklet is in the right order (page numbers are on the bottom of each page) and hole punch the sides of the booklet.
  8. Thread yarn through the holes and tie to hold the booklet together.
  9. Use a pencil or pen to fill out the writing first, then go back to add pictures and colors.
  10. Clean up the markers, colored pencils, or crayons.
  11. Break students into groups of 3 or 4 to share their booklets with their group.
  12. After everyone in the group has shared, pose reflection questions to students to answer within their groups.

Reflection Questions

  • What did you enjoy most about this activity?
  • What did you learn by creating your bilingual book?
  • Share about a time you had to communicate with someone who spoke a different language.
  • What can we do to better communicate with people who speak different languages?
  • Who else would enjoy reading your book?