Skills Building: Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch (PK-2)

Written by Eileen Spinelli and Illustrated by Paul Yalowitz

TEKS: Reading K.6(E); 1.7(E); 2.7(E); 3.7(G); 4.7(G); 5.7(G)

Pre Reading Questions

  1. What qualities make a good friend?
  2. What do you look for in a friend?
  3. Have you ever reached out to someone who seemed lonely and invited them to spend time with you?
  4. How do you make new friends?

Post Reading Questions

  1. How did Mr. Hatch’s behavior change when he thought someone had sent him a valentine? How did his interactions change with the people he saw daily?
  2. How did people react to him when he became more outgoing?
  3. Why is it important to be a good friend and support the people in your community/school?

Creative Enrichment Activity: Rainbow of Friendship (Pre-K-2)

Overview: Good friends are like rainbows; they bring beauty and joy into the world. We have the ability to bring good into the world through our friendships. Students will create friendship rainbows based on their own qualities as a friend.  


● White cloud handout. Download cloud template.
● Scissors
● Markers or pens
● Strips of colored paper (rainbow colors)
● Cotton balls
● Glue sticks


Duration: 24 minutes

● 3 minutes – Introduce the activity
● 15 minutes – Create rainbows
● 6 minutes – Reflect on the activity


  1. Pass out a cloud template and some strips of colored paper (rainbow rays) to each student.
  2. Ask the students to reflect on the following question about themselves: What qualities make you a good friend (e.g. kind, curious, caring, funny, etc.)?
  3. Instruct the students to write their name in large letters in the middle of the cloud.
  4. Next, students will decide the top five or six characteristics that make them a good friend and write them down on their rainbow rays (strips of colored paper). (Note: They will need to work in pairs. One person should hold the strip while the other writes, and vice versa.)
  5. Finally, have them assemble their rainbows using glue to attach the rays to the back of the cloud.
  6. Students may add cotton balls to their clouds to give it texture.

Reflection Questions

  • Was it easy or hard to decide what makes you a good friend? Why?
  • What qualities did you include?
  • What were some of the similar/different answers that you each had?