Skills Building: Sofia Valdez Future Prez (PK-5)

Unit 14 Book - Sofia

Written by Andrea Beaty and illustrated by David Roberts

Pre- Reading Questions 

  1. Speaking up for ourselves and for others and respectfully, but strongly, saying what you need is often called being assertive. When is a time that you have been assertive? 
  2. Leaders are often assertive. How have you acted as a leader?
  3. Do you think kids are able to be assertive and change the world? Tell the person next to you why or why not and then share with the group. 

Post- Reading Questions

  1. Sofia saw what needed to change in her community and she worked with the help of others to change it. What is one thing that you would want to change in your school or neighborhood?  
  2. Sofia said that she did not feel brave or courageous at all, but she still went to City Hall to discuss her ideas. Sometimes when we are being assertive and standing up for what we need, we feel nervous or scared. Can you think of a time that you felt nervous or scared when you were standing up for yourself or for others? 
  3. Sofia had to go to a bunch of different offices before she was directed to the right one and then was told that she couldn’t speak because she’s a kid. How do you think she felt having to go to so many different places and hearing discouraging words? How was she assertive at that moment?
  4. Sometimes kids feel like they are too young to make a difference in their school or community, but kids change the world all the time! What is one way that you can be assertive in the future?

Creative Enrichment Activity: SEL Campaign Buttons


In the book Sofia Valdez Future Prez, Sofia uses her voice to stand up for Grandpa and her community by advocating for a park to be built in her neighborhood. In this activity, you will take one of the SEL themes that we have discussed this year and make your own campaign slogan and badge to advocate for what you believe!


  • Index cards
  • Safety pins 
  • Markers/color pencils/crayons
  • Scissors 
  • List of SEL topics from the year

Duration: 35 minutes (for staff: 5-minute pre-activity setup, 5-minute prep)

  • 5 minutes: Introduce the activity using the book
  • 5 minutes: Decide on which SEL theme and slogan to use 
  • 20 minutes: Design and cut out their badge
  • 5 minutes: Reflect and share

Sample SEL Slogans and Themes

SEL Slogans (PK-2)

  1. Love our differences!
  2. Be kind to others!
  3. Let’s work together!
  4. Communicating is key!
  5. Compassion is empathy in action!
  6. Be confident! Be you!
  7. Stand in someone else’s shoes!
  8. We can do hard things!
  9. Stand up for others (and yourself)!
  10. Celebrate your community!

SEL Themes (3-5)

  1. Getting to Know You
  2. Discovering Commonalities and Differences
  3. Friendship
  4. Communication
  5. Collaboration
  6. Thankful for Everyone
  7. Empathy and Compassion
  8. Initiative
  9. Confidence
  10. Perspective Taking
  11. Problem Solving
  12. Perseverance
  13. Standing Up for Yourself and Others
  14. Calming Down
  15. Celebrating Community


  1. Introduce the activity using the book and the examples
  2. Discuss with students the different SEL themes that have been discussed throughout the year; share the slogans included or create your own as a group
  3. Students design, decorate, and cut out their badge. (Students can also just decorate the card and do not have to cut it out).
  4. Reflect and share!

Reflection Questions

  • Share your badge and slogan with your neighbor. 
  • How did you decide your slogan? Why did you pick the theme that you picked? 
  • How can these themes and slogans be used to stand up for ourselves and others? 
  • How can you use your voice and experience to advocate for other people?
Unit 14 Problem Solver Badge