Skills Building: Each Kindness (3-5)

Unit 14 Book -Each Kindness

Written by Jacqueline Woodson and illustrated by E. B. Lewis

Pre- Reading Questions 

  1. When have you ever stood up for yourself?
  2. What would make you stand up for someone else?
  3. Have you ever chosen not to stand up for someone else? How did you feel afterward?
  4. What will you do next time when you need to stand up for someone?

Post- Reading Questions

  1. Why do you think no one wanted to befriend the new student, Maya?
  2. How do you think Maya felt when she was ignored and made fun of?
  3. Can you explain the feeling of regret? Is this what you think the narrator was experiencing at the end of the book?
  4. Have you ever regretted an act of kindness you could have done, but didn’t? What will you do next time instead?

Creative Enrichment Activity: Kindness Ripple


Maya is the new girl in Chloe’s class and she wants to make friends.  But Chloe isn’t interested in new friends, especially ones who look ragged and dress in second-hand clothes.  So Maya winds up playing alone, sitting by herself in the lunchroom, and keeping her head down.  Then one day she is gone and no one knows why.  When Chloe’s teacher gives a lesson about how even small acts of kindness can change the world, Chloe is stung by the opportunity that’s been lost.


  • Cardstock paper pre-printed with water droplet/ripple template
  • 1 extra piece of cardstock paper for each student
  • Various colors of blue construction paper (3-4 pieces for each student)
  • Markers
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Duration40-45 minutes (for staff: 5-minute pre-activity setup, 5-minute prep)

  • 5 minutes: Introduce the activity
  • 20 minutes: Activity 
  • 5 minutes: Clean up
  • 5 minutes: Reflect and share


  1. Staff should print water droplet/ripple template on cardstock for each student
  2. Introduce the activity using the book. 
  3. Students will cut out their water droplet and use the water ripple template to trace and cut different size water ripples on at least 3 pieces of construction paper, using different colors of blue paper. 
  4. Students can trace and glue their water droplet onto another piece of construction paper to make it stronger.
  5. Students will use a marker to write a kind statement inside of the water droplet. Based off of the book, students can write a kind action they could take toward a new student. 
  6. Students will then cut out 5 strips of cardstock paper (from their extra piece), 4-5” long and 1” wide
  7. Students will accordion roll their 5 strips of paper.
  8. Then, students will glue 2 pieces of their rolled accordion paper between one water ripple and the next. They will do this again for their next water ripple. Finally, they will finish and glue their last strip of accordion rolled paper to the water droplet. 
  9. The finished craft should look like there is space between the water droplet and the water ripples, making a 3D effect. 
  10. Clean up the materials. 
  11. Reflect as a group. 

Reflection Questions

  • What is your act of kindness on your water droplet and why did you decide to use this one?
  • How do you think new students feel at a new school? How do you think they feel when no one talks to them?
  • What can you do to make new students feel more comfortable?
Kindness Ripple