Skills Building: I am Love: A Book of Compassion (3-5)


Written by Susan Verde and illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds

Pre- Reading Questions 

  1. How do you show others that you care for them?
  2. What feelings do you experience when someone is being loving and caring towards you?
  3. If a person did not receive love or care, how do you believe that person would feel?
  4. What might it be important to show that you care?

Post- Reading Questions

  1. What does the author mean by helping someone during a storm?
  2. Name some of the ways the main character shows love to others.
  3. Why do you believe the author chose specific ways of loving a person? Where do you believe the ways she mentioned came from?

Creative Enrichment Activity: I am Love: Emotions in My Heart (3rd-5th)


In the book I am Love we read about different types of feelings that all people experience. At different points, we might feel happy, brave, mad, calm, hurt, sad, hopeful, afraid, silly, shy or any number of different feelings that we have and can see on our mood meter.

Download the template


  • Heart templates printed on cardstock 
  • Color pencils/crayons/markers
  • Cardstock

Duration30 minutes (for staff: 5 pre-activity set up, 5-minute prep)

  • 5 minutes: Introduce the activity using the book and examples
  • 15 minutes: Color in the feelings on the heart template
  • 5 minutes: Clean up
  • 5 minutes: Reflect


  1. Introduce the activity using the book and the examples. 
  2. Younger students will use the template that has lines in the heart. Older students will use the template without lines. 
  3. Have students do an emotional check-in and think about how they are currently feeling. Have them think about if they are feeling multiple emotions. Take three deep breaths together. 
  4. Pick the emotions that you are currently feeling. 
  5. Write them in the blank spaces. 
  6. Choose a color for each emotion and draw it in the box next to the space where the emotion was written. 
  7. Draw lines in your heart to make different pieces that the different emotions that you are currently feeling.
  8. Write what makes you feel each emotion in the section of the heart. 
  9. Color in the different pieces.
  10. Clean up the materials. 
  11. Reflect.

Reflection Questions

  • What feelings did you color in your heart? 
  • What feeling did you color the most? 
  • Share your heart with the person sitting next to you. 
  • How did it feel to do this activity? 
  • Why is it important to think about our feelings?
I Am Love Samples