Overview & Integration

Core 4:



3A: Addresses academic, physical, social, and emotional needs of the participants

CASEL Competencies:

Self-Awareness & Self-Management

6DQ: Engagement in Learning

Sharing and responding to clear expectations


As we go throughout the day, we can feel a large range of emotions. Some can feel really big and scary and others can feel really small and quiet. But whatever we feel, our feelings are always welcome. Feelings are not good or bad. They just are what they are. 

Just like the clouds, emotions come and go and never stay forever. In fact, humans have almost 30 different emotions. That is a lot of different emotions for our hearts to feel and because we are all unique, we each feel them in different ways. Some people experience a lot of joy, while others may experience more sadness. Others may feel more anxiety while their peer experiences more calm. Sometimes we may not like our emotions, but we have the choice as to what we do with them. Throughout this week, take time to notice different feelings that come. Name the feelings out loud and try making positive choices to cope with them.

Reflection Questions

  • What makes you happy? What makes you sad?
  • What emotions do you feel during school? Why?
  • What emotions do you feel on the weekend? Why?
  • Share about a time this week when your emotions got really big. What did you do?
  • Think about your day and name all the emotions you felt today.
  • What emotion have you felt most this week? Why do you think you felt tat emotion so much?
  • What do you fell when you love someone (a parent, a friend, a sibling, a teacher, etc.)? 
  • Share about a time when you were angry and you helped yourself calm down. What did you do that worked?

Arts/Crafts Reflection Questions

  • How can you use art to express your emotions?
  • What color/s would you use to express the feeling of happiness?
  • What color/s would you use to express the feeling of being scared?
  • What emotions did you feel during this activity? Why do you think you were feeling that way?
  • Did your feelings or emotions change while you were working on it? If yes, why do you think that was? 
  • What are some ways we can use art to help us when our emotions feel too big or overwhelming?

Games/Physical Activity Reflection Questions

  • How did you feel before we started the game? How did you feel afterward?
  • How can you help your teammates when they are feeling sad or disappointed?
  • How did your emotions affect your team?
  • What are some ways you can cope with strong emotions while playing a game?
  • When you are feeling frustrated or overwhelmed, how can you express this to your team in a positive way?