Overview & Integration

Core 4:



2F: Builds a sense of community among participants

CASEL Competencies:

Social Awareness, Relationship Skills & Self-Awareness

6DQ: Climate

Creating a climate of mutual respect between the instructor and the students 



The world is full of unique people. Each person has their own set of strengths and talents waiting to be discovered. The easiest way to get to know all of these people is to walk up and start a conversation. What is their name? What does their name mean? Where are they from? What do they like to do? What makes them special and unique? When you take the time to get to know others, you will realize that, even though we may seem different, we share a lot in common too! We can learn to celebrate our differences as something that makes us unique and interesting, and bond over the things that make us alike. Take some time this week to introduce yourself to three people you have not yet met and learn a little about them. You might just be surprised by what you discover!

Reflection Questions

  • What is something that you want people to know about you?
  • What is something new you learned about someone today?
  • What do you do to get to know others better?
  • Why is it important to get to know other people?
  • What makes you or your family unique?
  • Why is it important to know and use peoples’ names?
  • How did you get your name?
  • What does your name mean?
  • What do you like most about your name?

Arts/Crafts Reflection Questions

  • How can we get to know others better when we are making art?
  • What did you learn about your partner during this activity?
  • How can you use art to teach others about yourself?
  • What does your artwork tell us about you?

Games/Physical Activity Reflection Questions

  • How did this game help you get to know your peers better?
  • What surprised you about your team?
  • Why is it important to use people’s names when you are talking to them?
  • What positive thing did you learn about someone that you didn’t know before?
  • What can games teach us about ourselves and others?