Unit 4 Skills Building: My Mouth Is a Volcano

Skills Building: My Mouth Is a Volcano! (PK-5) Written by Julia Cook and Illustrated by Carrie Hartman TEKS: Reading K.7(A); 1.7(C); 2.7(C); 3.7(C); 4.7(C); 5.7(C) Art K.2(A); 1.2(B); 2.2(A); 3.2(C); […]

Unit 4 Skills Building: Boy

Skills Building: Boy (PK-5) Written by Phil Cummings and illustrated by Shane Devries Pre Reading Questions What are some ways that we can communicate without using our voices? Why is […]

Unit 4 Skills Building: Dreamers

Skills Building: Dreamers (PK-5) Written by Yuyi Morales Pre Reading Questions When you think about the meaning of communication, what comes to mind? How do you typically communicate with your […]