Unit 16 Skill Building: The Word Collector

Skills Building: The Word Collector (PK-5) Written and Illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds Pre- Reading Questions  Is there something that you like to collect? What is your favorite word? Take […]

Unit 16 Skill Building: Island Born

Skills Building: Island Born (PK-2)5 Written by Junot Diaz and illustrated by Leo Espinosa Pre- Reading Questions  In what ways are we all different? What makes you unique? How do […]

Unit 16 Skill Building: Pepe and the Parade

Skills Building: Pepe and the Parade (PK-5) Written by Tracey Kyle and illustrated by Mirelle Ortega Pre- Reading Questions  What does ‘celebrating community’ look like to you? Have you ever […]

Unit 16 Skill Building: Our American Dream

Skills Building: Our American Dream (PK-5) Written by Fiona McEntee and illustrated by Srimalie Bassani Pre- Reading Questions  What do you think this book is about?  What do you notice […]