Unit 13 Skill Building: The Most Magnificent Thing

Unit 13 Book - Most Magnificent Thing

Skills Building: The Most Magnificent Thing (3-5) Written and Illustrated by Ashley Spires TEKS: Reading K.5(E); 1.6(E); 2.6(E); 3.6(E); 4.6(E); 5.6(E) Pre- Reading Questions  How does your body feel when […]

Unit 13 Skill Building: Ish

Unit 13 Book - Ish

Skills Building: Ish (PK-2) Written and Illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds TEKS: Reading K.5(D); 1.6(D); 2.6(D); 3.6(D); 4.6(D); 5.6(D) Pre- Reading Questions  Has someone ever criticized something that you were […]

Unit 13 Skill Building: The Undefeated

Unit 13 Book - The Undefeated

Skills Building: The Undefeated (PK-5) Written by Kwame Alexander and illustrated by Kadir Nelson Pre- Reading Questions  Perseverance is trying hard at something time and time again. When is a […]

Unit 13 Skill Building: The Oldest Student

Unit 13 Book - The Oldest Student

Skills Building: The Oldest Student Written by Rita Lorraine Hubbard and illustrated by Oge Mora Pre- Reading Questions  Have you heard anyone, maybe your teacher, principal, or parent, talking about […]