Unit 12 Skill Building: Library Lion

Unit 12 Book - Library Lion

Skills Building: Library Lion (PK-2) Written by Michelle Knudsen and Illustrated by Kevin Hawkes TEKS: Reading K.5(E;) 1.6(E); 2.6(E); 3.6(E); 4.6(E); 5.6(E) Pre- Reading Questions  When have you accidentally broken […]

Unit 12 Skill Building: Marvelous Cornelius

Unit 12 Book - Marvelous Cornelius

Skills Building: Marvelous Cornelius: Hurricane Katrina and the Spirit of New Orleans (PK – 5) Written by Phil Bildner, illustrated by John Parra Pre- Reading Questions  Think of a problem […]

Unit 12 Skill Building: Salt in His Shoes

Unit 12 Book - Salt in his Shoes

Skills Building: Mae Among the Stars (PK-2) Written by Deloris Jordan & Roslyn M. Jordan and illustrated by Kadir Nelson Pre- Reading Questions  Talk about a time you learned something […]